How do you remove the "Return to Beginning" and Back button?

I have a survey where I do not want participants to be able to return to a previous page, but I cannot figure out how to remove the “Return to Beginning” and Back button from the survey. Does anyone know if there is a way to do that?


This is not something you can control from an individual form definition. Rather, you’d have to make a custom build (and install) of Collect in order to remove/disable these UI operations (which would likely affect all forms, unless you were extremely clever in your customized app)


@bahrweiss, set it up in the device.

@Xiphware How does this work? Pardon my ignorance, but I’m very new to this.

@bahrweiss any luck?

@sarahmoharram normally this means you are creating a different version of the collect application. This is only recommended for users with the skills to do so. Unfortunately this is not something we have documented within here.

As @stephanealoo indicates, this basically requires forking ODK Collect on github, and fiddling with the source code to modify its UI behavior. It is certainly do-able, but it would require a fairly high level of ODK development expertise, and therefore something you may need contract out rather than attempting yourself, depending on your experience. In addition, the result - because it is your own fork - would ostensibly be unsupported by ODK/Kobo and you would be on your own pulling in any new features going forward.


This feature you will found it in the User Restrictions section - Main Menu Settings

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Hi @bahrweiss, @sarahmoharram

As outlined by @ypc1, you will be able to control it now through Settings>Admin Settings>Form Entry Settings.

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