How does the map function work in KoBoToolbox?

Could I also ask you about the maps function - the second part of our question. How can we display all locations (each project has between 1-3 location) on the map in the Kobo toolbox online version?


Hi @SivFiva,

Could you kindly expalin us a bit so that we see if it’s possible in KoBoToolbox.

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Hi Kal,

Thank you. We had asked respondents to map out their project activities (up to 3 activities per respondent) on the map. They were also asked to label the activity. Do you know how we can display all activities including the activity label? Alternatively, do you have advice on how we could have done it differently in order to map several locations per respondent, at the same time as being able to disaggregate per respondent later. Thus we would like to be able to see all project activities on the map for one respondent, 0r be able to display all activities for all respondents.

The image shows the Map settings where you have to select either the first, second or third activity. However, we wanted to show all activities at once.

Grateful for your support.

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Hi @SivFiva,

Kindly please be informed that you are seeing 3 different locations (to be plotted and displayed in the map) as you have designed your survey project in such a way which has 3 different geopoint questions.

Besides, at the moment KoBoToolbox is not able to plot multiple gps questions in a map at a single go (in a single screen). Maybe you could create a features improvement post here if you wish to see this feature in the future.

Regarding your concern:

You could do it by using the Disaggregate by survey responses and keeping the Legend visible.

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