How I can keep my form format viewed from the left side?

Kindly note that for some reason my form content shifted from Left to Right upon updating it.
Please advise on how I can keep my form format viewed from the left side.

Thank you.

Hi @mireillejazi,

Can you provide a screenshot of the issue?

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Hi @mireillejazi Can you confirm which languge you select above. Most likely when we use Arabic language the design will be from right to left?


Hi @Hadeelt
English. But I have some Arabic descriptions in hits as well. However I need the text to stay on the left side.

@mireillejazi, could you also share with the community your XLSForm so that the community could also test the same at their end to see how it behaves?

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Hello, @mireillejazi . It would be helpful if you could share the form or a sample of the questions from the form . I attempted to replicate the format you described (questions in English and hints in Arabic/English), but the form still appears to be aligned from left to right.


Could it be a browser issue?

@mireillejazi can you tell us which browser are you using?

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@mireillejazi, as advised by @hakan_cetinkaya, it could also be a browser’s issue where the browser’s language is set to some Arabic language.

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Thank you all for your support trying to resolve this issue.
To answer your question, please note that the browser language is in English.

I have located the source of the problem.
This is happening only when I type anything under “Guidance Hint” in the settings option for any of the questions.
When guidance hint is deleted, Text is moving back to the normal left-right positioning.

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community! BTW, was the information you placed in the guidance hint in Arabic?

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Thank you all for the support as well!

No, it was in English. Apparently, any text I type in the guidance hint from within the settings option converts the text alignment from left to right.

Maybe it is a temporary error in the system?

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@mireillejazi, yes, maybe it could be a glitch. But strange as I have not heard from anyone reporting the same. I will, however, keep an eye on the same to see if others in the community come up with the same issue. Thank you for bringing this to the community!

@Kal_Lam I am facing a similar issue. In one of the forms that I formed earlier, I was using Urdu in the guidinace question and rest of questions were in English. The form is left to right. In another form that I formed now, I am using the same style, but the questions appear from right to left. Any help?