How i hide old submissions

hello all,
i use form in our project, and the project divided into two phases, now we started the second phase, and i want to hide the forms submitted from phase 1. i don’t want to delete them for documentation porpoises.
any idea how i solve this matter?

Welcome to the community, @najee_0! Did you mean you don’t want to see the old project in your Collect Android App when trying to get a blank form?

No, i mean i still use the same form. but i received about 10 submitted form before 3 months they belongs to phase1 of this project. now we started the phase2 of the project using the same form. and i started getting submitted form belongs to phase two.
when i open my kobo account on my computer i only want to see form that belongs to phase2. and i don’t want to delete phase1 summited forms. i just want to hide them for now.
Any ideas?

One workaround option is to update the “validation status” of all the Phase1 submissions - e.g. change them to “On Hold” - then when you open the Data Table screen you can select the Validation Status filter to only show — (i.e. exclude those on hold).
This won’t exclude the Phase1 submissions from the download - but you can still easily filter them out after you’ve downloaded the data (or manually manipulate the URL to only download the records you want.

All the best


@najee_0, maybe you could have managed your project as follows:

  • Create a separate project for Phase 1.
  • Deploy it and then start collecting data for it.
  • Once the Phase 1 data collection is over, you could archive the Phase 1 project.
  • Then clone the Phase 1 project and make necessary changes.
  • Deploy the project.

So, in this way, you will have two projects that will not affect either during data collection.