How long are offline functions effective for?

Hi community!

I am considering using Kobo Toolbox as a tool for collecting environmental data in remote locations- does anyone have experience using the app for multiple days (up to a week) offline?

If so, have you ever had bugs with the app after being offline for so long?
Any other feedback around this topic would be much appreciated! Thank you :smile:

Welcome to the community, @kelligerritsen! You will need an internet connection only when getting the blank form (if you are collecting data through the Android App) or loading the form if you are collecting data through Enketo. As long as you collect data, you will not need any internet. You only need the internet to submit the collected data to the server.

The only thing to be cautious about when collecting data is that you don’t accidentally delete the submissions if you are collecting data with the Android App or clear the browser’s cache if you are collecting data with Enketo. Avoiding these pitfalls will keep your data safe in your device as long as you wish to be offline.

In Collect, cases successfully submitted cannot be deleted manually. Furthermore, in the local setting, you can deactivate manual delete even for drafts.

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