How long does it take dynamic data attachments to update?

Hi! I’m wondering a couple things about dynamic data attachments:

  1. I’m linking a form to itself. I’m wondering how long the ‘refresh’ takes in between a submission being made and the form then being able to recognise the data that’s just been submitted. I’ve done some testing on 5/10 minute intervals, and it had failed to refresh in that time, then tried at 1 hour, and the data was available - so just wondering if anyone knows what the refresh period is?

  2. Following on from the above question - I was submitting data in the Enketo webform. I had submitted data, waited one hour, and checked if I could pull the new data. I had to refresh the page first, before it would recognise the new data. Do you have any detailed explanation of behaviour between Enketo and Collect - what types of ‘refresh’ do you need to do in order for the new data submissions to be available?

  3. And lastly - is there any change in behaviour between linking a form to itself vs. linking to another form? In terms of refresh periods, or accessing new data submissions?

Thanks for any details on how this is designed on the backend a little bit, which will help figure out how to use it in different workflows :slight_smile:


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@janna, it seems like it is taking more than 5 minutes of syncing time to update the form:

I just tested this at my end and confirmed that it’s taking longer than what we documented. I will check this out and get back to you soon.

Thank you for bringing this issue to the community!

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Do you mind sharing your form? I’m also linking a form to itself and it works correctly till this week when it fail to retrieve the data and in some cases to select a choice. So, I’m trying to identify what may caused the failure.

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Welcome to the community, @k11prueba! You could try the XLSForm as outlined and shared in one of our previous posts:

@janna, I just made a recent check to the dynamic data attachment feature, and it’s OK at my end. You are able to sync a form in 5 minutes.