How many records can be entered in one form?

Hi everyone,
at the account type there is a phrase “Users can collect up to 10,000 form submissions with their projects per month”
so if the records are filled out and entered within two months, can I enter more than 10000?
and Is it possible to share my entered data without my consent?


Welcome to the community, @nut_syria! This support article Which Server Should I Use? should help you with the answer you are looking for.

I have found the answer to a part of my question
and I will clarify my question with an example:
During this week of this month “March” I sent 6000 Submissions and next month “April” I will sent another 7000
is that possible!!

hope for your help, thank you

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Yes, this is possible @nut_syria! Wish you all the best for your project!

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Thank you for your guidance and support

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