How structuring parental-child projects in Dynamic Data Attachments?

Hi Community,
How will be better structuring parental-child projects attachments?
This is my condition: I built a form for a specific country; the same data collection will be applied to another country, so, I duplicated the form renaming it. I repeat the same thing for other countries (the prevision will be a total of 5 countries).
Of course, I’m planning to visualize data in PBI using API, but if I can merge all the data collection in one single parental project will be easier. What do you suggest: build a sixth form that will be the master parental project linked with the 5 country forms (child), or maybe use one existing form as parental and link with the other 4 remaining forms (child)?
Thank you in advance!

Welcome back to the community, @luca_bolognini! I assume Power BI should have a feature that should use Power Query to merge all the datasets to one. Maybe you could use the same to solve your issue.

Thank you @Kal_Lam , yes there is the opportunity to merge in PBI, but as I understood linking the projects as parental-child could give me the opportunity to link only the parental one to have data from all the forms, is it right? And if yes, what are the best way to do this? How can I structure linkage among forms? I mean the conceptual linkage to reach our purpose.

@luca_bolognini, the Dynamic Data Attachment should only give you an option to pull the information from one project to another like you should do it with the pulldata function. The only difference is that the pulldata requires an external CSV file while the Dynamic Data Attachment could do it within a deployed project. If this is still something you wish to do, you could do it with the Dynamic Data Attachment else you could merge your data through the Power BI.

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