How to access the uploaded documents from kobo?

I just finished a survey using kobo. In the form there is a question asking respondents to upload documents. How can I access these documents now that the data collection is complete?

You could download your images and other media as outlined in our support article Downloading Photos and Other Media.

Thanks. Does this work for pdf documents?

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Yes, it works for pdf documents as well.

Thank so much. I have just an issue with the formula. I recieved an error message. Can you confirm if this is the right formula?


Nothing to remove, except changing username and cell number (if appropriate). Please , do let me know if there is any thing ishould remove.

Here you will need to change your username with your actual username that you use for your user account.

Hi Bro

Sorry for bothering. This is still not solved for me. I sitill getting an error message. Dont what’s happining

Have you tried out that has been mentioned in the support article? Please let us know the place where you get stuck. We should be able to help you then.