How to add forgotten pictures in the same data after the survey

Hello Support Team,

We have been using your platform for quite some time. Recently in one of the projects, we have been facing a couple of problems where we need your immediate support:

ā€¢ We took pictures of the outlets. When downloading the data on Excel, pictures do not get downloaded. We have separately downloaded pictures, however, matching them with each outlet is a real challenge and we have to share the database with our client also. I have added the screenshot below as well for your understanding: Is there any way through which pictures can be downloaded along with the data?

ā€¢ Some pictures need to be replaced in the database. Do we have any option available through which we retain all the information of each outlet but just edit the picture?

Looking forward to urgent resolve.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @enfuture! Regarding your issue:

You could check the Include media URLs as outlined in the support article Downloading Photos and Other Media which should give you a link for each image when downloading your data in XLS format. So with this, you should then be able to identify the image accordingly and download as needed through the link (URLs).

You can do this by editing the form and then replacing it by following our support article Editing or Deleting a Single Submission.

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