How to add picture to the survey


I am trying to add picture to the survey just to visualize which product the survey is about. Just one picture after presentation of the survey. I have looked at the guidance “adding various types of media” without success. I don’t see anything in the preview after adding the picture as instructed in step 5 “upload media files”. I have redeployed the survey as instructed.
Is there anyone who is able to help with more detailed/clarified instructions.
Thank you in advance.

@mawin, so maybe you will also need to ensure the name and extension of the media image used in the XLSForm and the one you upload as media file.

Could you share with the community a screenshot of these two so that the community could help you troubleshoot your issue?

Thank you for the reply. Please see in the screenshot how I have uploaded it as per instructions. I assume it’s wrong format but I also don’t know how to, after uploading, place the media in the correct place of the survey?

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@mawin, your step till here is OK. Could you share a screenshot of the XLSForm that holds this question (the image name)? I want to see if you have used the correct media name there too. BTW, did you also deploy/redeploy after uploading the image to the server? You will need to deploy/redeploy to make it effective.

Problem is solved now, thank you.

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@mawin, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: