How to Add Users?

I am trying to add new users to my own dedicated server of Kobo. I’ve had them try to register to my domain but their accounts get rejected and I don’t see where to approve them. There are no emails in their inboxes or in the admin’s inbox. How do I add them?

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Hi @Kal_Lam I’ve had people create accounts via our dedicated domain, but they have no received any confirmation emails nor does the admin for the domain have emails in their inbox.

How do I allow new users into my domain?

It sounds like your outgoing email is not working. You can manually add users by going to https://your-kpi-domain/admin/ and logging in as a superuser. Then click “Users” and “Add user”. You can also edit existing users and check the “Active” box to override email activation.

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Hi @jnm thank you very much for the reply! Your suggestion solved my issue (by using the manual method). I’ve looped in my tech team to look into the outgoing email fix too. Thanks again!