How to allow other users to edit only certain parts of the survey

Dear KBT community,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to limit other users (who have rights to edit the survey) edit only the certain questions/modules.

In example, as an admin user let’s say we have granted access to another user to edit the survey, but we want the other user to be able to only edit certain parts of the survey, the rest of the survey should remain fixed and therefore cannot be edited by the other editor.

Is there anyway to limit in the user roles or any other work-around solutions?

Many thanks,

Hi @mcaglidil welcome back to the community!

Right now it is not possible.


@mcaglidil, as outlined by @hakan_cetinkaya, this feature is currently not available with KoboToolbox. However, I have changed this post to features request. You could VOTE to make it a reality in the near future.


Dear community,

There is a small workaround possible on this, while it is not possible to edit the user roles, and allow users to edit certain parts of a template. It is possible to use library locking option to lock certain aspects of the template which avoid users to edit the template.

Library locking” refers to the feature enabling various aspects of a survey to be “locked” when created from a template containing locking attributes. All aspects of a form’s editing are available to be locked through the assigning of “locking profiles” at the form, question or group level. These locking profiles can be assigned granular “restrictions” that group together locking functionalities. Alternatively, the form can be fully locked down, preventing all aspects of editing. See more;
Library locking — KoboToolbox documentation

Hello @mcaglidil,
You are talking about editing a form, not about editing submitted data, right?

Hi @wroos

Yes, I mean editing a form, for instance a template.