How to allow users to add items to defined lists (reference tables)

Hello community.

I’m new to Kobo but have lots of experience using other app-builders.
I’m struggling to find a way to allow users to add items to reference lists / tables?

If i understand correctly, to create a link in a form to a reference table in KoboToolbox - use the select_one_from_file (or ‘many’) field type, and then use the xls form upload and download function to add or amend those lists. But, isn’t there an option for users to amend or at least add to those lists/reference tables through the mobile app itself?

Many thanks to anyone who can clear this up for me.

Welcome to the community, @candice_pelser! Yes, you got that correct; one approach is using the external CSV file. The other approach is by using this approach as discussed previously: