How to automatically sum up the total number of household members

Good morning team , thanks so much to join this form.
I designed a registration tool with the below question. Had want the Total # of Household members to automatically sum up . your support is well come.

  1. of Male children under 5 yrs

  2. of female children under 5 yrs

  3. of male between 6-18 yrs

  4. of female between 6-18 yrs

  5. of male 18+

  6. of female 18+

  7. Total # of Household members

Hello @Kei and welcome to the community!

You need to set some if statements and calculation type questions.

Here’s an example of how to solve a similar problem:

And these are some help articles on how to do:

If you need further help, do not hesitate to ask.

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