How to avoid duplicate entries in data collection

Hi, I’m in the process of creating a database where we follow 30-cluster methodology, where there will be 20-30 forms in each cluster, collecting a total of 600 or 900 samples. Many a times, we see there are more samples collected for each cluster. Kindly suggest a way where we could restrict data collection only for a required number of samples from a cluster. If 20 only can be collected, it should be 20 only. I want to have a rule of having more than a constraint of . <=20.
If a form is #2, it should not be entered again for the same cluster.

Kindly help.

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Hi @fsimon23
Unfortunately we do not have an approach where you can automatically countercheck the form entries done per area (or even cluster). This is not possible within the platform.

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Thanks @stephanealoo .

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