How to avoid third user to get get access to my data in kobotoolbox

Pls i need help i want third parties to collect data by usisng kobocollect and send it to my server without getting access to my kobotoolbox account because i experienced something strange when i send link, username and password to third parties to set kobocollect they can use it to have access to my data pls help i need solution

Maybe you could manage the same as outlined below:

  • Your user account (is an admin account) where you design and deploy your survey project.
  • At the same time you should also have another user account (on the same server where your user account is created). This account should be considered as your data entry user account.
  • Now share your deployed survey project from your admin account to your data collection user account as outlined in the support article Managing Permissions. In addition you could also control your data collection account as outlined in the support article Row-Level Permissions.
  • Share your login credentials of the data collection user account.
  • Configure your data collection KoBoCollect android app.
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