How to bold text under level in choice XLsxForm

Welcome back to the community, @baana2005! You should be able to do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thank you Kal, but my issue is not solved by the thread you refer me to because the thread is talking about bolding text of questions that is under “survey” not “choice”, I will appreciate if the questions I have under choice can be bold too

@baana2005, would you mind checking his with the Collect android app as well as Enketo to see if it works there?

I have try checking in kobo collect android application and is just normal text without the * and not bold

@baana2005, did you also try this out in Enketo to see how it behaves?

no I didn’t

@baana2005, I just checked this at my end, and I could bold the choices in the Collect android app. FYR:

XLSForm as seen in the choices sheet:


Data entry screen as seen in the Collect android app:

Reference XLSForm:

Choices Bold Test.xls (31 KB)

Note: Please also keep in mind that the choices (at the moment) do not bold with Enketo.

It has worked and Thank you very much Kam

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