How to bring output of Begin repeat questions in same excel tab

I’ve used several begin repeat questions in my data collection form. Now when I’m exporting my data in excel format I’m seeing the begin repeat questions are stored in separate tab. How can I have all my output including the begin repeat output in one tab? Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, you can only do this outside, e.g. in Excel.

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Thank you for your reply. Suppose Mr X is producing 5 types (begin repeat question it can be 6/7/8…) of crops and I’m collecting production, sales and income of all those five types of crops. Now in my exported output all information of Mr X is stored in one tab but his production, sales and income information is stored in another tab as it’s a begin repeat question. Hence I’ve collected 500 people’s information and their production, income and sales information. Now how can I find Mr X’s production, income and sales information from all these 500 peoples data as I’m seeing there is no unique value to match it.

Join can be done by _index of parent case = _parent_index of child case, (and _parent_table). KoBo system variables exported with the data (see table view also).

Further hints can be found with the search function of this forum:

Might be helpful to add _parent_index / _index join hint in KoBo support documentation (repeat / group). At present neither _index nor _parent_index is found by search there.
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