How to build a custom text variable in KoBoToolbox?

For making form I am facing 2 problems. Please solve my 2 questions:

  1. How can I make double full stop (.) in a sentence? For example, how can I make this question?
    “Please Input your ID: ____. .
    After fill up, it would be: 1234.56.78

  2. How can I make a period of time?
    Period of time: Date to Date
    For example
    Surveillance period: 12.2.2019 to 12.4.2019

Hi @tanzilhuda,

You could do the same in xlsform by using the regex and constraint as shown in the image below:

Reference xlsform:
Constraint.xlsx (10.1 KB)


@Kal_Lam, would you explain how can I visible the (.) on the form. I can’t make visible the (.) on the input-form, Actually, I need this: (---- . – . --)
When I enter the first 4 value then goes the middle part, and finally goes the last part. And full stop (.) always visible on the input value.

Hi @tanzilhuda,

Try this out (as shown in the image below), which should solve your issue:

In the xlsform survey sheet:

Reference xlsform:
Constraint V2.xlsx (9.1 KB)


@Kal_Lam, thanks for your resourceful replay. Actually, I want the dot (.) always stay/visible on the input form. It will be better, when I enter first 4 digits, then dot (.) will be visible automatically. Is it possible?

This is not possible to have it executed as you have expressed.