How to calculate age using data that has already been collected

Hello team!!! I have a situation in my data. There was need to include a calculate field, to calculate age of child using date of the survey and date of birth in building the form however, I didn’t realise that I have not included it. Data collection has been completed and noting that there is no variable age of the child but is it key in calculating Z-Scores for Malnutrion indicators. The Date of the Survey was collected in the form: 04/12/2023 11:06:59 AM; 04/12/2023 11:29:33 AM, and 04/12/2023 11:33:48 AM and date of birth is recorded in the format: 2021-10-27, 2019-11-15, and 2018-06-14. How do I go about calculating age from the data given that data collection is already done

You would need to do this externally, e.g. in Excel. If you update/deploy a new form version, you could add the calculation, but to get a value you would need to manually edit each submission. (Bulk edit won’t work here.)

Hint: Do systematic pre-tests before data collection, please, including data export and checks for analysis requirements, e.g. deruved variables.

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@ctmukhala, yes, at this stage, I would lean with @wroos that you do this outside the KoboToolbox system. But maybe if you are planning for a similar project in the future, you could do it as outlined in these posts discussed previously.

Thanks however, this can only apply in future research. In my situation data has already been collected and downloaded from Kobo Toolbox server and it is outside the server. I am looking for help on how to calculate age given that data has already been collected and is in the format indicated.

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