How to calculate grade from the predefined score range

Hi Team,

Need output in Kobo Tool Form Building for the below mentioned issue

Lets take example with 4 input field

Q1 - 15 Score
Q2 - 10 score
Q3- 20 Score
Q4- 5 Score

cal Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4

**Total Score - 50 **

  1. How to give the predefined score range in kobo tool form building? Please guide
    Say ex:
    Score 10-20 = Grade A
    Score 21-30 = Grade B
    Score 31-40 = Grade C
    Score 41-50 = Grade D

  2. Based on the Total Score value, Grade needs to be display as output in Note.

D Grade should display.

How can we achieve this in form building, Please provide us the solution for the mentioned 2 queries

Thenmozhi C

@Thenmozhi, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue: