How to calculate score

I have few questions regarding food insecurity calculation

  1. In the past four weeks, did you worry that your household would not have enough food?
    0 = No (skip to Q 1.1)
    1.1. How often did this happen? 1 = Rarely (once or twice in the past four weeks)
    2 = Sometimes (three to ten times in the past four weeks)
    3 = Often (more than ten times in the past four weeks)

I have the same type of nine questions, and at the end of these questions, the total score should be shown.

Hi @mumtaz4uali,

There are two help articles to learn about calculate question type:

And there is a wonderful compilation about all the calculations and how to show them by Kal_Lam:

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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