How to change `CONSTANCE_CONFIG` in kpi

I have an issue regarding SSRF_ALLOWED_IP_ADDRESS I assume whitelisting IPs can mitigate the issue I saw in I think I need to change that . but I don;t know how to change that? . im running using docker . what is the Django admin interface ? please help me

# Configuration options that superusers can modify in the Django admin
# interface. Please note that it's not as simple as moving a setting into the
# `CONSTANCE_CONFIG` dictionary: each place where the setting's value is needed
# must use `constance.config.THE_SETTING` instead of
# `django.conf.settings.THE_SETTING`
        'Allow new users to register accounts for themselves',
    'TERMS_OF_SERVICE_URL': ('', 'URL for terms of service document'),
    'PRIVACY_POLICY_URL': ('', 'URL for privacy policy'),
        'URL of source code repository. When empty, a link will not be shown '
        'in the user interface',
        or os.environ.get('DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL', ''),
        'Email address for users to contact, e.g. when they encounter '
        'unhandled errors in the application',
    'SUPPORT_URL': (
        os.environ.get('KOBO_SUPPORT_URL', ''),
        'URL for "KoBoToolbox Help Center"',
            'KOBO_COMMUNITY_URL', ''
        'URL for "KoBoToolbox Community Forum"',
        'Allow the use of unsecured endpoints for hooks. '
        'Number of times the system will retry to send data to remote server '
        'before giving up',
        'Whitelisted IP addresses to bypass SSRF protection\nOne per line',
        'Blacklisted IP addresses to bypass SSRF protection\nOne per line',
        'Display information about the running commit to non-superusers',
        'Maximum number of asynchronous worker processes to run. When '
        'unspecified, the default is the number of CPU cores on your server, '
        'down to a minimum of 2 and up to a maximum of 6. You may override '
        'here with larger values',
        # Omit type specification because int doesn't allow an empty default
        'Minimum number of asynchronous worker processes to run. If larger '
        'than the maximum, the maximum will be ignored',

In KPI admin setting you can chage this

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Thank you for sharing the solution with the entire community, @bawa! Expecting the same in the upcoming days to make this community a learning and sharing platform.