How to change type of a question already developed

I have produced a form. I have one type of question (e.g. multiple choice type) and I would like to chenge it into a “one choice type” (or viceversa). Is it possible? The multiple choice question is composed by the 12 months of the year: I have built this question as a multiple choice, but now I would like to turn it into a “one choice” type. Possible? Thank you so much.

You can do it by using xls file. Download the xls file of your project and change the type form select_multiple to select_one. Then upload it to the server and redeploy it.

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Yes, this works, but drawing my experience with Google Forms, you can simply change the type of question from select_one to select_many by just clicking the button, and everything changes instantly. Are there no options so far especially for many of us who prefer Build Form platform to excel form.

Welcome back to the community, @Gikuri_2020! At the moment, this is not possible with the form builder. You will have to do it through the xlsform.

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