How to collect geo-coordinates in offline mode through KoBoCollect app


We are learning to use the KoBoCollect for data collection purposes. We are using the app version from Android Playstore for field based data collection. Most of our terrain in which we operate is hilly and there are internet connectivity is poor. Hence, we use offline version of the app. In offline mode, the app is not able to capture the geo-coordinates.

Please guide how can we get the geo-coordinates when entering data offline in the field. There are some GPS apps on Android Playstore which provide geo-coordinates even when there is no connectivity.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @peeyush,

Welcome to the community! Please see the step by step support article (Collecting GPS Locations) which should guide you on collecting gps locations using KoBoCollect,

Make sure that on your android device, Settings > Connections > Network Connections > Location is ON.

You can also try opening your survey in Chrome. For some reason, location works almost immediately in Web Forms (Enketo) and there is often a long delay using Collect.

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Hi @jblackman!

We tried with location “ON”, but at places when there is not internet connectivity, it is not giving us location. We kept waiting for 15 mins. but did not get location coordinates.

Opening forms in chrome browser can not work without internet connectivity. Our most data collection is taking place in poor internet connectivity areas. Even if we get internet services it is of 2G Edge connectivity.

Any other way, we can do this?


With KoBoCollect, you must be on-line to download the survey initially to your Android device. The survey is then saved in KoBoCollect on the device…

The same is true with Web Forms (Enketo). When you are on-line, you open the form in Chrome. Create a bookmark to the form (usually by clicking a ‘star’ icon). The form is now saved and you can open it off-line.

With both KoBoCollect and Web Forms, you need to be on-line after the data has been collected in order to upload the data to the server.

I have no idea if Web Forms will work better than KoBoCollect for GPS location. I do know that it is much faster in my current location. You would need to try it out.