How to conduct online, self-completion surveys using KoboToolbox?

Hello, if one would like to send out a URL to many potential respondents to allow them to complete a survey online, is this possible with KoboToolbox? Respondents should be able to click on a link and be taken directly to the survey. Other posts here indicate that one can use the “online-only (single submission)” or “online-only (once per respondent)” data collection mode under FORM. We just want to ensure this does work before spending time developing the survey. There should be only one survey submitted per respondent.

Many thanks

Welcome to the community, @sclateri! Respondents are able to send only one submission through the online-only (single submission) or online-only (once per respondent) if they use a single browser. If they use more than one browser, they are able to send more than one submission through the link.

Thank you so much for your reply. If both allow for multiple submissions with different browsers, is there any reason to use one mode over the other? They seem very similar. Thank you.

@sclateri, you should be able to learn more on this through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Thank you so much. Yes, we had reviewed that online resource, though the difference between the two remains a bit vague still. Thank you for your quick replies.