How to configure for login credentials while entering a web form (Enketo)?

We are periodically experiencing an issue where for some users upon submitting the form the username shows up as “username not found” in DATA > Table > username column.

I logged in as the user and submitted a record and the username shows.

What could be causing this issue? We have tried the following without any luck.

  1. Removing and Reissuing access to that user
  2. Clearing cache
  3. Going incognito
  4. Cloning form
  5. Unselect and select username check box in metadata.
  6. And creating new form from XLS.

Please advise.
Kobo Username Not Found

Hi @mahmed,

Would you be kind enough to provide us the application that you have been trying to collect data (where username is missing)?


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Hi Kal,

I think I know the issue. I just tried from my mobile device and I was able to access this private form and submit without ever being prompted to login. So that is the issue. I checked the settings and the form is not set to public but only shared with a handful of users.

I will create a test form and see if I can reproduce it then share the link.


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Test Form:

This is a private form yet it did not prompt me to login and allowed me to submit. I see the record and the username as username not found.

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Hi @mahmed,

Would you be kind enough to share the entire community on how you solved it. It would be very helpful to the entire community!



We did not solve the issue? The issue is that anyone can access a private form and submit without ever being prompted to login. This is why the username is not found because they never logged in.

Can you please explain why users are not being prompted to login to access a private form?

Hi @mahmed,

Got your issue clearly now. In this case if you wish to have a login credentials while entering a web form (Enketo), please follow the instructions outlined in the post discussed earlier:

Have a great day!

Hi @mahmed
Just to ensure that there is clarity on what you need to do from the post from @Kal_Lam,
You must check/select the Require authentication to see forms and submit data which is present under the ACCOUNTS SETTINGS (as shown in the image below). [Image 2.png] When this is done it will prompt the user to enter KoBoToolbox credentials again.


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Will checking this setting apply to all forms that I am an owner of?

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Yes, this will apply to the ones in which you are the owner.


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This worked thanks!