How to constraint an input (date) that is greater than the date entered previously but should be smaller or equal to the date entered today?

Condition: “Date must be between the date when the sample was collected and today.”

Had tried many formulas to no avail. Attached here is the error notification. Need help please.


Welcome to the community, @cta_cfah_2020! So you mean the data could be a past date or todays date but it should not allow future dates?

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Hi @cta_cfah_2020, please refer to the support docs regarding validation:

In essence, you can do the following to solve your issue:

type name label constraint
date a_date When did it happen?
date another_date When did something else happen? . > ${a_date} and . <= today()

Yes. The date of counting should be after the date of taking sample & today.

This is the validation code I had: .<=${today} and .>date(‘sampling_date’)

where sampling_date is the name of Q6.

Thanks so much Josh. A lifesaver. It worked