How to creat a question that allows you to enter values for a list of expensese

Is it possible to design a question which allows you to input responses in a single grid. Eg.

What is your month expenditure for the following categories of expenses:

Rent/Mortgage $400
Food $250

You can get a work around for this by creating a group question with appearance field-list and having individual integer questions as shown in this excel Testing Alternative Grid Question.xlsx (10.6 KB)

This is a screenshot of how the excel looks like this

When you deploy this form, you should be enter to have a look and feel that looks as follows

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Thanks for your response. My challeng is I am knew to Kobo and I still haven’t understood how to do what is required in the XLS. How should the question be structured in building the form in Kobo before exporting to XLS?

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You can create a group question using the instructions provided in this article and then set the appearance as follows on form builder


Can you tell me if this look correct.

And then how will I be able to write the calculation for it to be totaled.?

Hi @scherrie,

Seems like it’s OK. However i see that you have used the begin_repeat and end_repeat instead of begin_group and end_group as advised by @stephanealoo. Also do not forget to use the field-list under the appearance column with the begin_group as shown in the image able by @stephanealoo.

Image 0

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Thanks for responding. Where would I change the appearance? I tried to do it for the group heading and the only option it gave was to select advance appearance where the all appear on the screen together. Should i go into each question and select the appearance?


Also can you tell me how to write the calculation if you want to obtain the age of someone from the date of birth?


For this topic I would suggest you you look at the discussions that happened here Age calculation

On the form-builder interface this is what is meant by field-list appearance.


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Thanks for responding Stephane. Is this correct?

Additionally, I have a group of questions that will repeat where date of birth is a question. How do insert the calculation in the group for that to be calculated? In the same way? Would that question have the same “birth” label?

Hi @scherrie
The calculation should just work fine for you as you indicated.

On this question;

Have a look at the use of indexed-repeat as explained in our articles and discussions in the forum here.


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