How to create a separate variable from a multiple choice question

Dear Experts,
Greetings! I am preparing a XLS Form for data collection.
I am facing below problems during creating form:

Question about Type of Disability: i.e.

§ √ Vision Impairment

§ √ Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing

§ Mental Health Conditions

§ Intellectual Disability

§ Acquired Brain Injury

§ Autism Spectrum Disorder

§ Physical Disability.

§ Multiple Disability

If anyone select more than one type of disability its will be shown automatically Multiple Disability in below comments.

Could you please help to solve this issue to develop in XLS Form /guideline would be highly appreciated.

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Palash Sarkar

Hi @PALASH9698,

Kindly please be informed that i have spit your issues into 2 different topics so that it could be well documented into different topics separately and would be easy for the community users to search and respond over to specific topics as and when required.

Please see the instructions outlined in the image below which should solve your issue:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:
Image 2

Reference xlsform:
Constraint Disability.xlsx (12.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot for give me the solution.

Dear @PALASH9698,
In case, you don’t know there is an international standard, well tested, for disability questions. See
UN WG (2019): Washington Group (WG) on Disability Statistics: Short Set of Disability Questions. (UN Statistics Commission City Group). Washington, 2019.­washington-group-question-sets/short-set-of-disability-questions/