How to create different icon for different form

Hi @Kal_Lam / @hakan_cetinkaya ,

Hope you guys are doing fine.

I have created different forms in a single project. When I deployed them they create form using same icon (default icon for kobotoolbox).

Can I use separate icon according to specific form?

Pls. help me regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Asif R Joy

Hello @asif_rahman_joy,

Seems like you’ve asked this question as a personal message, I would suggest you to open this question for the community so they can also share their answers.

Even though Kal is a member of core team, I am merely answering the questions as a part of community and my knowledge of KoBo is limited to my own usage and experience :slight_smile:

Sorry, I can’t help you with this problem but as I mentioned before if you share this question with the community I believe someone will help you with this issue.


@hakan_cetinkaya, cc: @asif_rahman_joy I have made this post public so that the discussion could be benefitted by the entire community.

@asif_rahman_joy, could you share with the community the screenshot of the icon you are trying to refer to? Maybe the community should also be able to understand your issue pictorially.