How To Create Multi Level Dependent Drop Down List

How To Create Multi Level Dependent Drop Down List

Welcome to the community @emokoduwa! Would you mind trying the workaround made in a post discussed previously. It should solve your issue:

As a backup you could also have a look at our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions.

In case you don’t know yet, there is also a SEARCH feature for this forum. For your question you might try “multi level select”.
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Hi @emokoduwa
Welcome to the community forum. As you may be aware, we do have support articles that explain how to do various things. Looking at what you have indicated, I believe it contains two components i.e.

This is best addressed using the cascading select approach which has been described in the topic shared by @Kal_Lam


This can be achieved by using an appearance setting known as minimal for the single select questions that you have in your multilevel lists.

As @wroos, we also have numerous discussions that have happened on various topics and we encourage that you run your search on the forum; I bet you will always find an answer within the discussion. If you don’t find it or need more explanation, simply reach out and the community will be glad to support you.

All the best on your form design.