How to create multiple pre-filled surveys based on participants previous responses?

Hello, I am new to this forum. I hope that someone can help. Does anyone know how to create multiple pre-filled surveys based on participants previous data?

’ve seen that we can manually enter data on Kobo or Excel, but say we have 100 participants with a survey of 20 questions, would this mean having 100 xlsForms? I am sure I am missing something, is there a way to pre-fill multiple surveys using a quick formula and only one Excel document? Or do it directly through Kobo Toolkbox?

Here is a hypothetical question and set of answers:

Example question set

  1. Name (enter text)
  2. Frequency: How often do you attend the project activities? (select one option)
  3. Once a week
  4. 2 or more times a week
  5. 1-2 times per month
  6. I no longer attend activities.
  7. Duration: Approximately, how many minutes of exercise did you do today? (enter number)

Example data that participants previously entered (e.g. Name, Frequency, Duration):

Barry, once a week, 40 minutes

Sophie, 2 or more times a week, 45 minutes

Louis, once a week, 70 minutes

I look forward to your feedback

Welcome to the community, @giuliarw! This is not available within the system, but you should be able to do it through POSTMAN, as outlined in one of our previous posts:

Thank you @Kal_Lam for your quick reply.

The uploading of the bulk data seems to be a good option for when the data collection is finished.

In my case, I would like to be able to pre-fill surveys that will then be submitted to the participants to have them complete the missing information.

Do you know if there is a way for this by importing the data from Excel or do it directly on Kobo Toolbox?

Thank you,


@giuliarw, maybe the pulldata function should do the work for you then. Here Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox is the support article for the same. All you need to do here is maintain a CSV file with the related information. Have a unique identifier for the information. All the data is prefilled once the unique information is placed in the form.