How to customize KoboToolbox Nginx dockerfile?

My agenda is to install Nginx extras by which I can leverage HTTP headers.

This is a small give-back to this community :
1- First create your Nginx DockerFile and build your machine :

 FROM nginx:1.21
 RUN apt-get update -y
 RUN apt-get install -y nginx-common
 RUN apt-get install -y libnginx-mod-http-headers-more-filter

2- Build your machine :
docker build -t 'nginx_extras_1' .

3- When the machine is built successfly, edit the file nginx.conf located in

4- Add the following lines :

load_module modules/;

http {
    #more_clear_headers 'Server';
    more_set_headers 'Server: random_server_name';


5- Now edit the file docker-compose.frontend.override.yml and change Nginx image name with your new image :

    image: nginx_extras_1:latest

6- Now you can start KoboToolbox :

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