How to disappear Radio button options based on previously selected option from a radio button

I have the two Radio Buttons:

First Radio Button: Level
Option 1: Primary (Package A/B/C)
Option 2: Elementary (Package D/E)

Second Radio Button: Package:
Option 1: A
Option 2: B
Option 3: C
Option 4: D
Option 5: E

I want to place a condition where I can remove Options from the second Radio Button
based on a selection from the first Radio Button for example:
Upon selecting Primary (Package A/B/C) from Level it should disappear options D/E from the second Radio Button (Package)

And upon selecting Elementary (Package D/E) from the first radio button, option A/B/C from Package

Thanks in advance

Hi @Ned and welcome to the community!

It can easily done by using cascading questions, here’s a help article show how you can achieve that: