How to display a common choice for different options selected in a previous question

Hi Kal_lam,

I am trying to understand duplicate choices under cascading select.

So basically I have a previous question type Status based on which the choices should appear under the next question.
However Others with code 99 should appear whether status is selected as Deviation or Violation.
Can you help me with it.

I tried entering as in the below image however it gives the error in my EDC where I am trying to upload.


I have set allow_choice_duplicates to "yes’ under settings tab and have set the choice filter under survey tab status=${status}

Can you please help me with a work around.

Sorry to bother… I got the solution to this.

Created two separate columns status1 and status2 under choices tab.
The common field Others was given values 0 under status1 and 1 under status2
and added choice_filter condition status1=${status} or status2=${status}.

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Thank you for confirming and sharing the solution with the entire community!