How to display already drawn area and user can edit it while filling the form


I am working on a survey application where I want to be able to tell the surveyor to only visit the already designated agricultural fields, gather data about it, and edit the already provided field boundary (polygon/area) if it differs from the original one.

How can this be done with kobocollect?
I am willing to provide more information if it is not clear

@alauddin, if I understood you correctly, do you wish your enumerators to reach back to the same households where they had collected data in round 1? Update the information and send it back to the server.

Yes, you are absolutely right.
Just a minor update, I already have household boundaries from other sources in form of Esri Shapefile Format.
I want to be able to display that data to enumerators and they should be able to update the boundaries and enter related data