How to display and lock default value and download it


How to fixed integer value should be displayed (the value cannot be changed by the form user) and should also appear in the download data.

Sudarshan khandu

Hi there, if you are using form builder then the Question Options has a “Default Response:” field - whatever you put in here will be pre-populated by default. See Using the Question Options — KoboToolbox documentation

If using XLSForm here is the info: XLSForm Docs

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@nat Thank you for the replying!

Can it lock the value and also download it.

Users should not modify the value while submitting form.

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Sudarshan Khandu

You can set read_only (column in XLSForm) to true. You would need to use a calculation instead of a default if the value is dynamic.

For more general information, as @nat mentioned, see the documentation, please:

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