How to display data in Question Matrice Response (data grid theme) after populating Enketo form with data

I’m testing design, data collect and display Question Matrice Response type : 1rst - Design form in formbuilder using Matrix variable type, 2nd - Open form and collect data using this attachment (Data collection form in Enketo.JPG) , 3rd - Try to display Grid theme as this attachment (Data collection form in Enketo.JPG) but cannot.

Please need help on how to display Data Grid-theme in Kobo.

Attachments are below :

Have you gone through our support article Question Matrix Response Type. It should help you solve your issue. In the same time also please have a look at our support article Using Alternative Enketo Web Form Styles. It should help you how to configure the Grid them while designing a survey project.

Thanks to support team, the issue has been solved !!!