How to Display Exponents Correctly in the Choices Tab of a KoboToolbox Form

I’m encountering an issue in the choices tab of my KoboToolbox form. I’m trying to display exponents in the choices provided to the respondents. For example, I want to show “18 squared” as “18²”. When I use the HTML tag sup (e.g., 182) in the survey tab, it displays perfectly as an exponent. However, when I attempt to use the same approach in the choices tab, the tag doesn’t render as expected; it displays the entire string “182” instead of converting it to an exponent format.

Has anyone faced a similar issue, and how did you manage to display exponents correctly in the choices tab? Are there specific formatting tricks or alternative methods I should use to achieve this within KoboToolbox? Any guidance or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Are you using Collect or Enketo? Can you provide a related extract of your form or an example, please, in XLSForm format?

@rrmaximiliano, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi Kal,

I am using Enketo for this. and I’m referring to the choices tab instead of the survey tab. When I use sup (see image below) I am unable to render it as expected:

“Enketo-powered web forms only support Markdown styling. Styling is not yet supported in web form choice labels.”

See documentation (ODK) Form Styling - ODK Docs
(and your previous post concerning colour for labels

It works well in Collect.

But it seems to work (almost) for Enketo if you insert the exponent as symbols in Excel in the label text.



But as you see, the positioning is not optimal. (I couldn’t change it, e.g by resizing.)

For Enketo, you might also use a workaround, e.g. 10**18 or 10^18 or (10)power18.
(Be careful in Collect: * has special meaning. You would need to mask it as \*)

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