How to display questions group based on age?

I am building a questionnaire that has the following structure:

  1. Basic questions (Common to all ages)
  2. DOB calculation (This I achieved with calculation and date feature. I am using note to display the age in number.)
  3. Different age group contains different set of questions:
    3.i) Group 1: Age 10 - 18 (inclusive): This must only appear if the Age calculated (mentioned in pt. 2 is btw 10 to 18)
    3.ii) Group 2: Age 15 and above: Amongst above 10 to 18 group set, there is a sub-group that must be displayed only if the age of the interviewee is 15 or above. In other words, group 2, which is sub-set of group 1, should not appear if the age is 10,11,12,13,14 .

Note: In case the age is above 18 then only the group 2 must be displayed and nothing of group 1.


I have tried to add constraints to a group but it is not taking anything. I even used XLSform to add it manually but it is still not functioning as expected. Only thing I can see in any group is skip, under which I am unable to add this constaints.

I even tried long path by putting validation to each question. However, it is validating the answer of the questions rather than skipping. Lastly, I even tried adding these constraints under skip too but the platform is not taking it.


I have three questions:

  1. How I can display groups and their respected questions based on the age calculate ?

  2. If there is a sub-set group, that shows eligibility, but is btw the main group, which is not eligible, then how I can display only the eligible sub-group without making a new group since the questions are in the middle and making another group will hinder the flow ?

  3. Lastly, how can I change the format of the date and time in such way that when the interviewer enters date or time using the features available on KoboToolbox, it should be displayed in the certain format and not in default format ?

I hope my questions are clear. Thank you.

You may first have a look here, if not done already:

The column to use is relevant (not “constraint”).

For the date formatting (which is based on the local device), see the (recommended) search function of this forum

Side-note, on logic: The 15+ group cannot be a sub-group as it includes ages > first group. So, this group must be on the same level as the first one (different relevant clauses). The two groups are overlapping, but not hierarchical