How to display the given set of options for each in the roster?

I want to ask all of the following 5 options in the roster having 3 questions for each without displaying them in the program (Tablet). I tried it and only works in the Enketo desktop version. It’s not working in Tab. Could you please suggest any alternative idea? I have attached xls file for your reference.

  1. Bus stop
  2. Food shop
  3. Health Clinic
  4. IME/Bank
  5. School

Village Survey.xlsx (150.4 KB)

Hello @kalendra2019,
could you provide details, please, what “is not working”? Do you mean it is not working with KoBoCollect, but with Enketo (webform)?
Maybe you could add screenshots too.

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Yes, you got it correct.
If you look at this first screenshot picture that took from Enketo (webform) you can see [Bus stop] in the first loop and [Food shop] in the second loop.

However, if you look at the same thing in KoboCollect (App) [Bus stop] is not displaying, only [ ] is displaying “Bus stop” is disappeared.

Hope you get my point with these screenshots.

the cause is that you have set *relevant FALSE for the select_multiple service_activity. This means that the variable is empty in KoBoCollect and in general relevant is not a solution to totally hide a variable with value, as it can be done with the calculate (or the hidden) type. If this choice is done by the respondent, you just need to remove the FALSE.
If you have another requirement here, you need to find another solution, e.g. setting read_only to true. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is NO possibility to hide a select type variable (same for integer, text etc.).

Further hints:

  • You need to add a relevant for the repeat. Otherwise you get problems when you select some choices go on and then go back and remove all selections (i…e. to 0).
  • You should adapt your language codes to the international standard, i.e. en and npl… The Online validator gave such a warning.
  • You might add title and grouping for the following questions and put them on one page per choice, esp. for Collect.

I made an example, also including some changes/add-ons for testing (like using text instead of calculate). You can play around with it.
Village Survey02.xlsx (126.9 KB)

It seems even strange for me, that your form shows the values with Enketo, despite the relevant FALSE: @Kal_lam or @Josh may have a look, please, if this might be a bug?

Having only 5 choices, it depends on your analysis/tabulation requirements, if using 5 groups with a relevant clause for these choices might be preferable instead of the repeat structure.


@kalendra2019, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

I want to hide the first multiple select question keeping the other as it is.