How to download data using Labels

Hi dear community,

I need your help because I`m doing a research and when I try to download my data, I cannot select the preference to use “Labels” (Etiquetas in spanish). I just can download the data with my language preference and XML, but in this case I need the Labels.

This is the first time this happened to me and I just noticed that my other projects do not have the language preference configurated. Can you please tell me how can I fix that without losing data because I cannot retrieve it anymore. I need to download my data in XLS format using Labels.

Other projects

Project with the issue:

The XML … option will never give you “labels” (but names). You need to chose “Etiquetas”.

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Thanks for your help. Exactly thats the issue I have, because the “Label or Etiquetas” option is not available. I just can see the following 2 options: image.

@Ruben23, could you ensure that you have the language in your survey project? Did you have it when deploying your survey project? If no, you will not be able to get that language as a label while downloading your data.

Thanks, As a matter of fact the project just have 1 Deploy. We deploy the first and actual version of the form without using the language preference… After deploying the form we made the language translate setting but we didn´t deploy.

One important fact is we dont need the language translation preference because the form is already in spanish and is just for people who speak spanish. Considering this, which is the best solution to download the data using lables ? Do I have to make some change? Can you help me to do it without losing my data?

Seems like you will need to deploy your changes. If you don’t deploy, you will not be able to see the changes.

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