How to download data when you edit the data on the server

Dear Kobocollect Team,

I would like to request you that I have edited the submitted data on my server, and then when I do download my dataset for those particular questions added is empty. What can I do to download the full dataset?

@DJAA, could you share a screenshot so that we can understand your issue pictorially?

I don’t know how I can share the screen, but my concern was about downloading the data for the variables that I added after the submission of survey data by enumerators. As I said before, after the survey, I realized that there are some missing questions, and I added them to the form and started calling each respondent to get the responses for those new questions, after completing these phone calls. I tried to download data and I received Excel without data for those new questions only while the data for other variables were there.

How can I get the dataset containing all data for all variables? This also happened to a friend of mine yesterday.

Dear Kal, this is how it looks like:

This image show us that the data are there on the server, but when we download the data, the column for this question becomes empty. The image attached.

I want to get those data in my excel once I download it.