How to download dataset of latest updated version

Hello there,
I want to download the dataset from the latest version. For instance:
Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 are my survey questions. I made a program, deployed and collected almost 50% of the dataset from the field, and sync to the server. In the middle of the survey, I realized that I should skip Q3 if Q2=1 and I added skip logic and deployed it again as version 2. Now I want to download the missing data in Q3 while Q2=1 in the final version after completing the survey. Is there any way to do this?

Hi @kalendra2019,

In this help article: Exporting and Downloading Your Data — KoboToolbox documentation you’ll find the following:

  • Include data from all … versions: By default, this option is checked. When selected, this option allows you to download the data from all your form versions. When unchecked, you will only be able to download the data from the latest deployed form version.
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Thanks @hakan_cetinkaya
Hello @Kal_Lam @FSg
What I meant in the previous question was:
If you look at the attached image, black-colored responses are from version 1 and red are from version 2. I made a change if Marrital status=Maried, Divorced then only ask No.of child and deployed as version 2. So what I want in the dataset downloaded from the latest version is missing in No.of child if Marital status==Never married highlighted in bold color.

You can only clean this manually: select all cases from the first version (version, _index, or with never married and any child) and change remove the value with bulk edit, see

Design hint: People can have children with any marital status, e.g. never married/in union.

Did you also change other parts of your form?
Hint: Better try to avoid this through systematic testing before starting data collection.

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