How to duplicate matrix question?

hey there I’m building a form that has many matrix questions, and they are similar how can I duplicate one?

Welcome to the community, @adminpro! This is not possible with the form builder UI but if you download your survey project as an xlsform, you could duplicate it there.

So i have to duplicate from there and upload it again ?

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Yes, got that very correct.

great ,if I do this ,Data Column Name will be the same , this will not cause any problem ?

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You will need to change the variable name though. Note, a duplicate variable is not allowed.

Do you mean that?

Maybe this screenshot would be helpful for you:

All those that are boxed in red should be unique (i.e. a name used once should cannot be used again in the same xlsform again).

Thank you I tried but, the result was not good, is it possible to share my file so that you can duplicate them for me.

Feel free to share it.

Would you mind to check your XLS form with the online validator?

Okay, i actually completed the form, but i have Loadinng error, can you help me please ?

As advised by @wroos, would you mind validating them with the online validator?

Actually i didnt modify using XLS, i continued working online and completed the form online

Validating it through the online validator would assure you that your form is OK.

I have validated this form and still it display this error.

These should be normal. Are you able to Preview in browser?