How to end a survey in KoBoToolbox?

Another one f you don’t mind, how to end the questionnaire after say a “no”

You would need to put ALL following questions in a group and set a relevant on group level (Qx = ‘yes’)…

  • A little disadvantage of grouping is that (all) group titles show on top of the screen (if no title as empty line), at least in KoBoCollect. As far as I know, there is no option to suppress the group title. (KoBo Formbuilder will even ask you for a group title, different to XLSForm)

Only, if you want to DELETE this case (with ‘no’), there would be a 2nd option, without this grouping: At least in KoBoCollect. The user can leave the case with save (by going to the end or by exit). And delete this case on the device. As she/he cannot finalise if there are (following, not skipped) required questions, and therefore the case cannot never be send. I would not really recommend this option, as:

  • it creates risks to delete a valid case by error (esp. if you don’t restrict deletion feature to a privileged device administrator).
  • you cannot analyse these cases, as the don’t go to the server.

See also previous community discussion