How to export a map in jpeg or png from KoBoToolbox server?

Good evening to all the community
I would like to know how to export a map from the kobotoolbox platform as a JPG image and possibly put it in a Word document? Thank you. Thank you.

Hi @oumarouhamadou11,

KoBoToolbox does not offer this feature at the moment. However, you could workaround manually as follows:

  • Select DATA>Map
  • Once you see the GPS coordinates in the map (make necessary changes as per your requirement)
  • Press the PrtSc keyboard seen in your keyboard or alternatively select the Screen snip if you have it in your windows OS.
  • Paste it in a word doc if you had pressed PrtSc. Select the image in word doc > right click the image > press Save as Picture
  • If you have used the Screen snip you could simply edit it and then save in a desired format you wish.

Please note: You will require a GPS coordinates in your KoBoToolbox server for this workaround.


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