How to export data as labels and XML values together in a single XLS file download?

Hi all,

I am working with a Kobo form that contains a large list of Farmers Groups and its members in select_one type of questions. While the labels may repeat, each farmers group and member has a unit ID being used as an XML Value. While downloading the data of this form, I am looking for a way to export labels and XML values together in a single XLS file. This way - the data exported in the form of labels would be easy to understand and interpret. At the same time, having XML values for each label will be helpful in carrying out data analysis. I suppose this could be achieved by exporting the data two times - first with the ‘Value and header format’ set as “Labels” and then as “XLM values and headers”, and then combining both the XLS files. But I was curious to know if it is possible to do this in one go with single download. This will save time as well as avoid errors that may come up while combining the data. Inputs on this will be very helpful.

Welcome to the community, @akashbadave! Did you mean something like the one that SPSS supports (where you are able to view your dataset in both the XML value as well as labels)?

Thanks for responding @Kal_Lam ! I am actually not aware of SPSS format (not having used so far), but yes, I was looking for being able to look at the database in both the XML value as well as lebels in the same downloaded file.

@akashbadave, the system does not support this. You will only be able to download either the data with XML value or the data with the label if you are downloading the data in XLS format. As said before, if you need your data in both formats, like in SPSS, maybe you can transfer your data to SPSS format as outlined in this support article Converting Data into SPSS and/or Stata.